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Business Introduction

We are going to lead the technology trends through new ideas and
with changes, challenges and innovations after catching the stream of times.

KUMO Industry Co., Ltd. realizes customer value and makes better world where we can live together through core technology development and dissemination in the field of environment and energy.

Environment Division
Provide sterilization system applicable in the field of various industries, such as sterilization and air cleaning, viruses and bacteria reduction with the most eco-friendly UV-C ultraviolet rays.
Ultraviolet(UV-C) sterilization system for industrial use
The UV sterilizer used in the field of agro-livestock, food processing and storage realizes the sterilization of various materials, such as liquids and solids, powders by using an automated system.

[Major Products]
Powder UV sterilizer for food, tunnel type UV sterilizer, sterilizer for disinfection, etc.

Air Sterilization Freshener for Home Appliances
The possibility of large-scale contagion due to various bacterial risk factors, such as the emergence of new viruses, the transmission of germs and secondary infection, is becoming increasingly high, but these air purifiers using conventional filters can not remove the virus quickly and clearly.
KIAS Air Sterilization Freshener maintains indoor air quality more safely with multi-functional air sterilization freshener of removing viruses and bacteria through hazardous dust collection and UV ray sterilization using HEPA(high efficiency particulate air) filter.

[Major Products]
Stand type air sterilization freshener (classified as small, medium, large type upon different application area), wall-mounted air sterilization freshener, etc.

Ozone System
As the most powerful and eco-friendly sterilizer and disinfectant, the applicability of OZONE is expanding to wastewater purification, food processing, communicable disease control and agro-livestock products farming. In recent years, technology development and product supply are expanding with focusing on the agricultural and food sector for the purpose of using in chemical-free eco-friendly farming and food processing.

[Major Products]
Ozone generator, ozonated water production system (for the use of agricultural, food, meals, etc.)

Energy Division
LED Lighting Division
With the advantages of high-performance in energy-saving and long life, LED lighting has been in the spotlight as an alternative lighting of conventional ones, such as metal, halogen, three-wave length and so on. Depending on the global energy-saving and environmental regulations, the supply of eco-friendly LED lighting is expected to increase further. Now and forever, KUMO LED is going to advance in a dashing spirit on more efficient and economical LED lighting new technology development and product supply with solid goals and vision.

[Major Products]
LED plant lights, floodlights, street lights, tunnel lights, security lights, etc.

VRS Division
As an oil mist collection system, VRS (Vapor Recovery System) is commonly known as a system for suppressing and collecting the emission of toxic vapors in the atmosphere generated in the gasoline. The vapor (oil mist) contains a lot of air pollution and cancer-causing harmful factors, such as benzene, toluene; in particular, it increases the risk of atmospheric emissions during fuel injection of vehicles and inhalation of the human body. Our VRS(vapor recovery system) system can be replaced simply and is very inexpensive by using the way of collecting oil mist generated during vehicle refueling to vehicle with the main nozzle, which is applied to the differentiated recovery technology, as the core.

[Major Products]
Oil mist collection fueling nozzle (KVN-1309 etc.)

Air Conditioning Equipment Division
As an air conditioning equipment industry field, including electronic dehumidifiers for industrial use and a thermos-hygrostat applied to the temperature change characteristics of semiconductor thermoelectric device; it is a temperature-humidity control system for preventing corrosion and malfunctions of various industrial control board and electronic equipment. Recently, according to the advancement, precision and miniaturization of electronic equipment, the importance of the temperature and humidity control device within the equipment has been further increased, so the market is expected to expand. In comparison with the products using existing refrigerant, our electronic air-conditioners are able to have miniaturized and localized manufacturing and installation, and they also have low noise and eco-friendly features with a refrigerant-free way. We are striving to develop products applied to various additional functions, such as remote control and monitoring applied to the IOT technology, integrated precision operation, and we want to provide a safer operation of electronic components and industrial equipment by supplying more reliable products.

[Major Products]
Electronic dehumidifier of thermoelectric methods, Electronic cooler, Constant temperature and humidity air conditioner, etc.

Automation Control Division
It promotes the stable operation of systems or equipment, and improves users’ operational convenience by producing an integrated control panel and providing operation solutions of the electronic equipment and systems. It provides an integrated equipment control and operating solutions in a variety of industries, in particular, it promotes the modernization and advancement of agricultural facilities through automated control system.

[Major Products]
Automatic Switch Controller (KRM-series), Wireless Control Panel (KWCP-series), Quantitative Control Panel (KQCP-series), etc.