We are going to lead the technology trends through new ideas and
with changes, challenges and innovations after catching the stream of times.


2015. 12
Establish Energy Division and release LED light products (KI series)
2015. 11
Establish company-affiliated research institute(KOITA)
2015. 10
Release air sterilizer product as home appliances (KIAS series)
2015. 09
stablish Overseas sales networkSigning of MOU and registration of foreign                              investment company (Singapore)
2014. 11
Release of tunnel type air sterilizer and wall mouted type air sterilizer
2014. 06
Transfer office and research center (Technology Innovation A-204, Ulsan Technopark)
2014. 05
ISO9001 certification (industrial dehumidifier, air sterilizer, ozonizer manufacture)
2014. 02
Agreement of Academic-Industrial Cooperation with Ulsan Meister High School


2013. 10
Develop and release isothermal-isohumidity air conditioner product (model : KTH-S60)
2011. 05
Invention patent registration(ozone sterilization device, 10-1036954)
2011. 02
Establish exclusive department for research development (KOITA)


2010. 10
Participate in WTH DaeJeon High-Tech Industrial Technology Exhibition
2010. 05
Participate in VRS DaeJeon International Green Exhibition(2010 IASP)
2010. 04
Invention patent registration(Fuel Dispensing Gun Capable of Vapor Recovery, 10-0954829)
2009. 12
Establish Kumo Industry, Ltd.