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Ventilation Field

The challenge of KUMO industry, which is always doing
the best in invisible places for more comfortable lifestyle, is still ongoing.

Electric Dehumidifier

is a temperature and humidity control system
for corrosion and malfunction prevention.

Product Function

Industrial dehumidifier, with humidity control device, prevents malfunctions caused by heating or corrosion in each control panel and inner part of automation machine. Recently, the importance of industrial dehumidifier is increasing, as precision and miniaturization of all types of machine are rapidly being developed according to development of information communication technologies.

Main Characteristics of Kumo KI-ED-Series

KED Electric Dehumidifier provides environmental-friendly environment control solution in electronic control method that uses semiconductor thermal element, instead of compression type that uses existing refrigerant. Through application of high-precision semiconductor element, there is low noise and can apply small-sized and light-weighted.

Type KI-ED-series
ehumidification capability 20cc~100cc/h(30℃, 85%)
power consumption 60W~300W
noise Below 60dB
temperature range 0℃~+40℃
humidity range Below 20%~90% RH
outer dimensions W125*H205*D110(standard KI-ED-22)