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Ventilation Field

The challenge of KUMO industry, which is always doing
the best in invisible places for more comfortable lifestyle, is still ongoing.

Isothermal-isohumidity Air Conditioner

is a temperature and humidity control system
for corrosion and malfunction prevention.

Product Function

  • Industrial air conditioner offers integrated environment control solution that is combined with dehumidification and cooling/heating adjustment function through temperature and humidity control device to prevent corrosion or malfunction of device according to self-heating of all communication and electronic equipments and changes of surrounding temperature.
  • Mostly, single function products such as cooler, dehumidifier are the major part, and integrated control device of isothermal-isohumidity function relies on importation which brings it very high in price.
  • There is air-conditioner type through refrigerant compression, or electronic type using semiconductor. KI-EDC products are environmental-friendly and applies thermoelectric semiconductor control type that is highly economical.
  • With thermoelectric semiconductor method, dehumidification and cooling/heating both can be realized through electrical characteristics of heat absorption and heat releasing of both sides with potential difference created when current is applied to electronic element.

Main Characteristics of Kumo KI-ED-Series

  • We have maximized COP efficiency of products through designing and application of high thermal conductive heat sink.
  • It may be applied to main equipments of sophisticated industrial site such as shipbuilding, vehicles, communications, chemicals, and plants. It is easy to apply small-sized, light-weighted considering each installation environment.
  • It supports real-time control monitoring function through wire-wireless communication control.
  • hrough application of IT function convergence, we have improved user's convenience, management reliability, and have maximized cost reduction effect.
item model name
KI-EDC-200 KI-EDC-300 KI-EDC-400
cooling capability(W) 200 300 400
heating capability(W) 240 300 470
rated voltage DC(V) 48 48 48
AC(V) 220 220 220
power consumption DC(V) 228 432 576
AC(V) 43 68 88
rated current DC(V) 6 9 12
AC(V) 0.18 0.31 0.40
air circulation capability cmh(㎥/h) 150 180 200
operational condition temperature -20℃ ~ 55℃
humidity RH 10% ~ 95% 이하
controller indicator module/RS485 wireless communication control
protection level(IP) IP55 IP55 IP55
noise(dB) 55 60 63
weight(KG) 11.8 12.3 12.3
outer dimensions (W)400mm*(H)480mm*(D)105mm
reference 1> fan exchange drive, semiconductor pellet direct currently drive
2> temperature/humidity control and management function using wireless communication