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Auto Control Area

The challenge of KUMO industry, which is always doing
the best in invisible places for more comfortable lifestyle, is still ongoing.

Wireless Control Panel(WCP-series)

Product Information

1. Wireless control is required, and can be easily installed in the field, Total output power of 3 channels for motor (3 hp or less) 1 channel,
single-phase motor (3 hp or less) two-channel and Single phase output for connection to an external 2 channel control, each individual or
simultaneous control.

2. Available at any distance long distance wireless remote control. (Open space 700m / 300m road)

Product Specification

USE Remote control
Input Voltage Three-phase, four- wire AC 380V
Output Voltage Single Phase AC 220V, 3Phase AC 380V
Controlled Remote Control
Can be controlled 3
Size 350 50 160 (W x L x D(mm)) 250 50 15 (W x L x D(mm)) 210 210 100 (W x L x D(mm))
Weight 7.5kg 4.5kg 2.5kg