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Environmental Field

The challenge of KUMO industry, which is always doing
the best in invisible places for more comfortable lifestyle, is still ongoing.

Household Appliances Air Sterilizer

is a new name of combination air purifier that improves sterilization
function to remove bacteria and viruses.

The usual air cleaners commonly use a filter to separate and collect the noxious particles; it's hard to completely remove the viruses. In addition, the germs including molds bacteria and microorganism may reproduce if the filter is not periodically replaced. These types of air cleaner can be harmful to human body rather safe.

Because the riskiness of fine dust and new air-infectious viruses as the swine flu or bird influenza is growing recently, a new air cleaner with more powerful features is required.

KIAS air cleaner uses the ultraviolet radiation which is the most environment-friendly and germicidal and removes indoor noxious germs and viruses.


A group of people vulnerable to the germs and viruses
and having the high risk of second infection Where to use: hospital,
infant caring facilities, welfare facilities, public care facilities
A home including a person with low
immunity such as a child or senior
citizen or a home
animal hospital suffering from a bad
smell from animals

Functions of product

Removal of fine dust utilizing High Efficiency Particulate Air filter

High efficiency sterilization using UV-C radiation and photocatalyst
UV-C lamp emits the lights with 253.7nm of wavelength that have a fatal influence to microorganisms as bacteria, mold, yeast
Improved reduction of germs/viruses with the introduction of ultraviolet sterilization technology that uses UV-C and photocatalyst.
ptimized efficiency of sterilization by capsule partition proper for a circular structure
① Extended penetration time with a vertical-arranged UV lamp structure (3-4 times longer penetration distance when applying 55W instead of 8W)
② Enhanced UV irradiance and penetration time through the design of bulkhead structure and photocatalyst doping
Improvement of sterilization efficiency by application of photocatalyst surface treatment technology
Classification UV Heat Chemical Ozone Radiation
Mycetoma All All Some All All
Tolerance of germ No Some Yes No No
Permeability Water and air only nside of the product nside of the product Surface of the product nside of the product
The time required for sterilization short long long long short
Continuity of sterilization effect relatively long relatively long long relatively short relatively short
How to use easy Product vulnerable to heat easy easy hard
Rate of optimum subject Water and air only water, groceries, tool object, groceries, tool air, water object, groceries, tool
installation cost inexpensive relatively expensive relatively inexpensive relatively inexpensive expensive
maintenance cost inexpensive a bit inexpensive usually inexpensive inexpensive usually inexpensive

<picture. Comparison of the treatment efficiency by the sterilization method>

Purification system with 360° cylindrical HEPA filter
360° cylindrical filter structure that provides an efficient function of purification
Collecting the ultra-fine particles (0.03㎛) by cylindrical multi-layer triple HEPA filter
Collecting the fine dust 0.3㎛ more than 99.99% by using H-13 which keeps the standard of HEPA
Better function of collecting/antibacteria by the anions
Lengthened period of particles' activity in an ionization section
Improved antibacteria function and air purification
An anion has several effects as an increase in metabolism, purification of blood, stabilization of nerves, fatigue recovery, promotion of appetite and others.
Improved efficiency of UV sterilization by semiconductor cooling module
Application of dehumidification function to raise the sterilization efficiency of UV that is vulnerable to humidity
① The sterilization efficiency of UV is the highest when the humidity is 50-60%.
Realization of cooling function to maintain an appropriate temperature and humidity inside the UV sterilization capsule
① Low-power and environment-friendly process with cooling by a semiconductor device
The design optimized for safety and convenience
Extension of application area and effective air flow by a slim cylindrical stand structure
Hardening and Prevention of transmutation of the product by an aluminium case
Mood lighting function which was made for the users' convenience and design
Easy and convenient operation by one-touch button
Easy maintenance and alarm function for replacement of consumables
Self-purification system by contamination perception sensor

KIAS-0913S Series

Model KIAS-0913SS KIAS-0913SM KIAS-0913SL
With base(mm) 1100 1400 1700
Without base(mm) 1170 1470 1770
Diameter(mm) 173 173 173
Power Consumption(Lamp) 36W 36W*2 55W*2
Power Consumption(Motor) 50W 60W 76W
Power supply 220V 60Hz
Decrease of bacteria UV-C Lamp / Cluster IONIZER
Deodorization Carbon(activated carbon) Filters
HEPA Filter Efficiency H-12 99.9% of particles to 0.003㎛
Noise Level 50db(MAX)
Standard life of Lamp 8000hours
Protection Degree IP20
Quality of the Material Aluminum
Area of application 27㎡ 49㎡ 80㎡
Weight 17kg 21kg 27kg