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Affiliated Research Institute

Realize the dream of human society by creating
a new future through creative thinking and endless challenges.

Affiliated Research Institute Introduction

Our company operates company-affiliated research institution to secure technologies competence patent in energy and environment field. Through our excellent professional research members, we are continuously working on diverse research activities, such as, development of core original technologies and commercialization researches, and development of new products. Company-Affiliated Research Institution performs processes in all directions for technologies development and commercialization, such as, designing and planning products and technologies with ideas, development, simulations, and testings. We will continuously strive to secure excellent research manpower and expand investment in research development for realization of customer value and development of products that conforms to corporate vision. We will exert various efforts such as expansion of inspection machines for improvement of product's reliability and quality.
Research Center Address : 3F, Light Industry 2, Standard Factory, 135, Cheoyongsaneop 3-gil, Cheongnyang-myeon, Ulju-gun, Ulsan, Korea

S/N Main/Sub Product Name Model Name Qty. Manufacturer Installation Place
1 Main Ozone Meter OZM-7000LN 1 OKITRITEC Research Institute
2 Main Soldering Iron TK-130P 3 TAEKWANG Research Institute
3 Main Multimeter 75 1 FLUKE Research Institute
4 Main Power Meter HPM-300A 1 AD POWER Research Institute
5 Main Multimeter 3801-50 1 HIOKI Research Institute
6 Main Earth-resistance Meter 4102 1 KYORITSU Research Institute
7 Main Insulation-resistance Tester 3165 1 KYORITSU Research Institute
8 Main Oscilloscope 2247A 1 TEKRONIX Research Institute
9 Main Infrared Rays Thermometer 62-MINI 1 FLUKE Research Institute
10 Main Illuminometer 5200 1 KYORITSU Research Institute
11 Main Illuminometer 3421 1 HIOKI Research Institute
12 Main Tachometer DT-2234B 1 SUPSC Research Institute
13 Main Hook Meter 2805 1 KYORITSU Research Institute
14 Main 3D Printer DP240 1 3D SOLUTION Research Institute
15 Main DC-TIG Welding Machine 30CSP 1 NATIONAL INSTRUMNET CO., LTD. Research Institute
16 Main Switch/Aging Tester SMO-9999 1 SMTECHNO Research Institute
17 Main Mechanical Strength Test Equipment IMH-1001 1 AURORALIGHT Research Institute
18 Main Ground Tester ILO-ET1230 1 WHA SHIN INSTRUMENTS Research Institute
19 Main Inside/Outside Caliper 150(0.05)mm 1 S.TOOLS Research Institute
20 Main Insulation-resistance Tester DH8050-04 1 DONG HWA Research Institute
21 Main Leakage Current Tester 2108EL 1 SEW Research Institute
22 Main Digital Temperature Recorder(4 channel) 1384 1 TES Research Institute
23 Main Electrical Safety Tester ILO-PT2013 1 WHA SHIN INSTRUMENTS Research Institute
24 Main Digital Power Meter DW-3570 1 SEC Research Institute