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Respect for employees' creativity and self-discipline, emphasis on
personnel skills, and ensure the treatment commensurate with performance as a personnel rule.

The person of great enterprise who will join the company to realize its VISION
KUMO industry is strengthening all the capabilities to achieve the Vision commitment to be ‘a company with the highest competitiveness’. We wish to join with the talent with an active and enterprising spirit who will actively participate in the company Vision to stand tall on the world wide stage.
The person with international sense and qualifications
KUMO industry wants to be with the talent with the qualities of international mindset, refined manners and language skills to meet the image of the company as a global company.
The person who values self-discipline and teamwork
KUMO industry wants to be with the talent with burning passion and attitude to always seek harmony with the organization and achieve the goals, except striving for self-management and self-development by the attitude of studying.
The person with healthy values and ethics
On the basis of sound values and ethics, KUMO industry wants to be with the talent who can boost the honor and pride of the company, as ones who put a high valuation on harmony between colleagues within the company and responsible members of the society outside of the company.